20180412 On running. How it all started.

I dont know if anyone already used this as a title. I know that Parker J Palmer’s blog is called: On being, so i hope he will not be insulted by this.

I have been running over the years, usually in the weekends and depending on where I was living only in the summer. I moved to Shanghai in 2016 and had never expected that i would be running outside here. But i found that there was a small park in the nabourhood where i could run. The park has a small lake inside where the attraktion is a couple of black swans – actually it is 4, 2 males and two females, but one of the males seems to be stronger, or more attractive, so he has two wifes. Never mind. Around the park is now a nice running track, it is around 1.2 km. I started running there i April 2017. I soon got tired of just running around in circles. I was not running fast either – 7 or 8 km an hour – but i was enjoying the run. I started finding routes where i could run. Always running in the morning. I went on to run 5 and then 6 km, almost every morning, when the city was waking up.

May was nice, i had got a Garmin watch which was tracking my moves and my effort. In June my wife went to Denmark for the summer, so i was all alone, so i got into a new routine. In the morning i went for a run and in the evening when i got home from work, i did another run.

Shanghai is hot in the summer, but I like the heat, so it was ok for me to run in the warm evening.

In July i joined my wife in Denmark for the summer break. We have a summer house in a seaside village, where i can also run, so i continued.

Back in Shanghai in August together with my wife the morning run continued. I started to do longer runs and especially in the weekends i went on to run above 10 km.

I have always been dreaming about running a marathon. Or how should i put it. Thinking about it. Mostly thinking about how impossible this would be for me. When i was running i was doing the calculation. If i can run 10 km at a speed of 8 km, then it should take 5 hours and something like 15 min to run a marathon, but that was under the assumption that i could maintain the speed of the 8 km, which seemed totally unrealistic.

But suddenly something happened. We were going on a company outing, and there would be a morning run. I did not want to be the last, so i tried to increase my speed, and i found that i could actually run 10 km an hour. So out of the blue i increased my speed.

The company outing came and we had the run. The better runners were soon gone, but i continued in my own pace. We ran a circuit of 3 km, the others ran two rounds, but i took one more and used the last one to cheer up some of the colleagues who were even slower than i was. When i got back to the hotel, the other runners where cheering at me and applauding.

Back from the event i continued my running. In autum there is a marathon in Shanghai, but i had not signed up for it, so that was my excuse. But then suddenly one of the colleagues in the office had signed up, but could not participate due to an injury, so he offered me his number. I accepted and was now going to prepare for my first marathon.

The very next weekend i was planning to run 30 km. I started out in the morning. After 2 km i felt something hurting on the back of my leg. In the beginning i just ignored it, but it became worse and i had to stop running and walk back home. That was it.

20180412 On running. How it all started.

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